The Curriculum

The Montessori Classrooms are grouped into five general areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math and Science. The children are able to make independent choices in areas that are of greatest interest to them. They are then shown how to follow through their choice. Once the activity is mastered, the teacher can withdraw from the activity and the child will be able to work independently.

  • Practical Life exercises help the children care for themselves independently and be responsible for maintaining their environment. The exercises are the foundation of the child’s work habits.
  • Sensorial activities aid the child in the development of their senses and fine motor control through practical experiences with the textures, shapes, sizes, color, smells and sounds of objects.
  • Language materials are presented visually, kinetically, and phonetically. The child is first provided a sensorial impression of the letter and then moves into writing and reading through prepared steps.
  • Math materials provide the child with a concrete impression of the quantity being taught, along with the symbols. The child is able to master abstract mathematical processes after the experience of manipulating physical representations of the concept.

Cultural materials are the basis of Montessori education. The child learns geography, zoology, botany and history. Much of the emphasis is on language development through an introduction to correct terminology for the things in the child’s environment. The emphasis is on the individualized learning, but there are daily opportunities for group projects and social interactions. The love of learning is fostered each day and spirit of respect, love and cooperation is developed.

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